WEAVE believes in the power of the performing arts to dispel our inherited narrative of racial, ethnic, and gender hierarchy.

We center the voices of Women, Indigenous, Immigrant, Queer, Black, and Brown artists on our stages, and we invite audiences to acknowledge and celebrate the myriad roots of American culture.

our goal:

Year One: 1000 donors
Sustain our mission to support social and cultural diversity through the arts

Beyond: 10,000 Bainbridge households
To reach 100% community participation on Bainbridge Island

help us reach our goal

be a part of the solution:

why now?

Though we are committed to the intimacy of the WEAVE experience, selling out our small venue does not cover our costs and does not guarantee our future.

In recent times we have experienced the need for community during crisis. We understand the importance of creating spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all.

WEAVE believes...

that an artist-centered, equity-based, all-ages, community venue is both the common ground we seek and the perfect space to gather, listen, and celebrate.

WEAVE is crucial...

to building a compassionate and equitable society that understands the power of joy as a path to healing, theater as a path to reflection, and music as medicine.

WEAVE has earned...

a stellar reputation for attracting phenomenal talent and our sold-out shows testify to our relevance in this community.

Our Model Must Be Different

Traditional methods of fundraising perpetuate inequity. Season tickets, membership tiers, VIP status, and donation perks are all designed to reward only those with the most capital.

With WEAVE’s cutting edge $5+1 Campaign everyone can be a donor, everyone can make an impact, and everyone can enjoy the benefits.

with your monthly $5 donation...

you give:

you give: artists a passionate intimate audience, good sound & fair pay

you give: an all-ages venue and multicultural experiences to our Bainbridge youth

you give: the advancement of social and economic justice in your own community

you get:

you get: a free “+1" ticket to a concert of your choice for a new-to-WEAVE friend

you get: to enjoy world-class talent in your own backyard

you get: the chance to grow and diversify your circle of friends

become a $5 + 1 weaver

what our artists say:


This wishlist gives you an inside look into our journey to offer Bainbridge a resourced venue worthy of its performers and its audience.
Do you or someone you know have access to any of these items or services? Alternatively, would you like to sponsor anything you see below?


  • Shure wireless combo package: $1450
  • Shure 58's Microphones (3): $300
  • Audix AE300 large diaphragm mic: $250
  • Audix ADX51 condenser mics: $500
  • Cabling, adaptors: $500
  • Sound gear storage box
  • Cable hangers
  • Cable tester: $50
  • 100" Ethercon cable: $250
  • Presonus Sub Speaker Stand: $50
  • Presonus Sub: $1200


  • Trussing: $10 - $15,000
  • Screen Projector
  • Motorized Film Screen


  • Security Cameras
  • Pipe and drape metal work (for acoustic drapery)
  • Lobby lighting designer
  • 2 Moving Dollies (4 wheelers)


  • Electrician
  • Lawyer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Film Editor
  • Lighting Designer
  • Web-based Designer
  • Social Media Maven
  • Publicist
  • Lighting/Rigging Engineers & Lighting Intern
  • Sound Engineer & Live Sound Intern

WEAVE is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. All donations, stock gifts & corporate sponsorships are tax-deductible. Tax ID: 84-3269406

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